Why Should You Choose Miss Madison?

The biggest question I get asked is why should you choose Miss Madison for your next maternity wear purchase?  The answers are truly very simple, but I’ll break them down for you so you can be the judge!


Let’s talk FABRIC! When I first opened my shop, like a lot of other designers, I did some research on fabric. Having a seamstress background and my mom on hand, I knew the characteristics of the fabric that I wanted. So I made a checklist;

  • 4-way stretch of at least 65%

  • Light colors have minimal sheerness | Dark colors are not sheer at all. 

  • low maintenance

  • smooth feel

  • will wear well over time (meaning the fibers won’t pill or fray or the fabric lose elasticity

I was able to narrow down my preference to what’s called an ITY knit fabric. Let me tell you about this fabric. It’s AH-MAZING!!! The ITY stands for Interlock Twisted Yarn. The contents are made up of generally a 92% polyester 8% spandex blend. The really unique thing about this fabric, is that as the fabric is woven, the yarn is twisted in between each row. This results in a natural elasticity to the fabric in every direction! The fabric almost has a spring like quality to it. This fabric is slightly more expensive than other knit fabrics, and significantly heavier; but I insist on using it because this fabric is also MADE TO LAST! And more than anything, I want these dresses to last. Miss Madison dresses can withstand wash after wash and even thrown into the dryer when you absolutely must have it.

The color’s will not fade and the stretch will not diminish as you use and wash them! This fabric also resists stains, will not attract burs or weeds and does not need ironing! You heard me right! You will never need to iron or steam a Miss Madison dress!

Rayon Jersey Knit (aka Lux Knit Fabric) vs. ITY Knit Fabric

 In the pictures below are two pieces of fabric. On the left is a piece of standard rayon jersey knit fabric, or as some of my competitors call it, “Lux Knit Fabric” because it has a very soft hand, which is true. On the right is our ITY knit fabric. These remnants were merely folded and put into a storage bin for a later use. They are the same color of vintage rose, but notice how the knit on the left looks like it just came out of a shopping bag that it had been crumpled up in for some time, whereas the fabric on the right looks like someone just steamed it. Neither of these fabrics have been ironed or steamed! Amazing, right???

Another reason I love this fabric – IT SMOOTHES!! Every woman who has ever had a child knows that most women are very self conscience in how they look when they are expecting (even though we all know they look amazing!)… Some of the testimonials I’ve heard from clients and customers is how these dresses make them feel like they are wearing spanx, without feeling like they are being constricted! This fabric will smooth over those bumps. For Photographers, this will make editing time much easier. This fabric is also a little on the heavier side – which results in a warmer feel as well as being less sheer than standard jersey knit. The feedback I receive about some of my competitors on their “Lux Knit Fabric” is that the fabric is so paper thin, you can not only make out panty lines, but much more than that. With a Miss Madison Dress, you won’t need a liner in EVERY color…. just the light ones.

Now that you know a little more about what we use and why we use it, we hope you’ll give us a chance to show you just how important the quality of every item we sell is to us, and hopefully, to you!