Preferred Photographer Agreement


We’re so excited to work with you and welcome you to our Miss Madison’s Preferred Photographers Program! Please read through the following agreement and then sign at the bottom. Once we receive your agreement, we’ll get you set up and ready to go!

In this program, you’ll receive a custom, personalized Photographers discount code That you may use on regular and sale items at any time! Those discounts are:

  • 20% off for your purchase of $1.00-$499.00
  • 30% off your purchase of $500.00-$749.00
  • 35% Off your purchase of $750.00

As stated, you will be able to use your discount code in conjunction with Sale items, however, you discount code will be excluded from the following unless otherwise specified.

  • BOGO’S
  • Free with purchase items

Please read through ALL requirements below and digitally sign at the bottom. 

You should also be sure to join our Facebook Photographers Group!

Rules & Requirements

The First Thing We'll Need You To Do Is Create An Account

If you’ve already done this, you can go ahead and skip to the next item. 


THE PERSON MAKING THE PURCHASE AND WHOM THE ORDER IS SHIPPED TO MUST BE YOU, The photographer!! Due to copyright laws, the photographer is the only person who owns the rights to photos and can therefore be the only person with whom we can legally enter into a contract with.  If an order is placed using this coupon that is anyone other than you, the order will unfortunately, need to be cancelled.  



We make every effort to accommodate our preferred photographers. If there is something you need, please email or message us & let us know! EVEN IF YOU HAVE SPOKEN WITH ME PREVIOUSLY, please always include any pertinent information on your order. There are two “note” sections. One is on the product page, the other is on the checkout page.


Photos must be provided within 180 days of receipt of items purchased.  Either via our Photographers uploads page, mailed CD, email, Google Drive, Drop box, Microsoft One Drive or online gallery.   If photos are not received within 180 days, your discount code will be invalidated and your slot will be offered to the next Photographer on our wait list. 

 For Email and Online Galleries, send to:

Or you may upload directly to our website:


Most of the time, photos that are submitted are featured on our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Pinterest. We encourage you to follow us so that when we do feature your photo, you’ll be able to see it. We will always give proper credit to the photographer who took the photo and kindly ask that you do the same. Please ALWAYS upload or send us a websized, watermarked image. If we feel a particular image is an exceptional representation of a product, we may ask for a full sized, un-watermarked image to use as a listing photo or a color/variation photo. Occasionally, we may also use your images for advertisement purposes. In these cases, we may alter the image with text and/or logo’s, for the sole purpose of advertisement. Miss Madison reserves the right to alter or add text and/or images to any image submitted for the sole purpose of advertisement. We may also add your photo’s to the appropriate color album in our Facebook Group or website. 


Because we only open this program up to a select group of photographers and we currently have a substantial waiting list, we need to make sure that the photographers in our photographers program are taking advantage of the program benefits and this remains mutually beneficial.

  For this reason, in order to keep your membership active, you must make a minimum purchase within 30 days upon entering the program and at least once every 6 months after that. This does not have to be a large purchase; it can be as small as a $25.00 gift card. Your account only needs to reflect a purchase within the 6 month time frame. Please make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter as this is our primary form of communication with our preferred photographers! We’ll send you an email about a month before your Discount code is set to expire.

By digitally signing below, I am agreeing to all the rules & requirement’s set forth above for the Miss Madison Preferred Photographers Program.