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I honestly can’t remember where I originally came across Miss Madison Photo Props other than it was on Facebook.  I was able to join her preferred photographers group and just stalked at the beginning.  I loved her beautiful gowns and was in awe of the talented photographers who were sharing just stunning images of their maternity sessions using her gowns.  I knew I wanted to offer that experience to my clients.  I do remember the first gown I ordered however!  Sunny sometimes does fun games in her groups where the winner gets an additional percentage off their purchase.  As many of you know, I am a competitor so I was determined to win!  My persistence paid off and I was able to snag a discount code which was awesome for a photographer who was just starting out and didn’t have a huge client base yet!  I decided to use my code to purchase a gown for a fundraising opportunity I was planning.  My husband’s cousin had recently invited us to be a part of the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s event.  We had agreed to be photographers the day of the walk but I also wanted to raise awareness for the event, disease, and caregivers in honor of my grandmother who battled dementia at the end of her life.  I was offering photo sessions where a portion of the session proceeds would be donated as long as anyone in the photos wore the color purple to honor those fighting the disease.  So I ordered my first Miss Madison gown in lilac so I could offer a beautiful purple option to my clients and honor my grandmother (Violet Weller) at the same time.

I was thrilled with the gown and the outcome.  My client asked at the session where it was from as she had a black tie event coming up and the gown was so comfortable and it made her feel so pretty.  Combined with the high quality and wonderful customer service, that was enough for me to continue ordering from Sunny.

I have been able to add several other gowns from Miss Madison to my studio closet since that first Anna gown purchase.  I consistently go back to her shop for several reasons.  One is the amazing customer service she and her employees provide.  When you order a Miss Madison gown they provide an estimated timeline for your purchase to arrive.  I love getting updates from them when my order is assigned to a seamstress, and then when it is finished and ready to be shipped.  I also get tracking information with every order.  I love that I am able to know these details.  It makes it much more personal and easier to connect with the women who are helping me to make beautiful images and memories for my clients.

Another reason I continue to order from Sunny is the quality of her gowns and the attention to detail she provides.  I fell in love with her Piper gown (yes, partly because it is the name of my daughter!) and ordered one in moss green.  Once I had it on a client, I was even more enamored with it.  I feel asleep one evening thinking about a couple of ideas I had for my next gown.  I messaged Sunny and was able to express my ideas about using a mesh fabric on my next gown.  She responded just as excited as I was and created a gown that far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did she replace the lace in her original design with mesh, she custom dyed the chiffon to be a match to the new color that was created when the two fabrics were layered over one another.  I was blown away by her attention to detail that she demonstrated when creating this gown. 

Her designs and colors are also varied and meet the needs of so many of my clients.  One way this is evident is in her line of girls gowns. The versatility that this option adds to my sessions is so appreciated.  I have had several young girls wear my Charlie gown and they love how it makes them feel like a princess. The colors she offers are also beautiful – deep, rich, and luxurious.  But her women’s gowns are just spectacular. I have her Everly design in Denim Blue.  I love this gown and the mix of fabrics it offers.  I think the sleeves are my favorite.  I also recently acquired one of her newer designs – the Scarlett gown.  I selected her Mauve color for this purchase.  I was also able to customize my purchase by adjusting the length of the sleeves.  One of my favorite aspects of this gown is the full skirt – it adds so much drama to images and yet the gown is still comfortable to wear.  As I have already mentioned, Sunny makes customizing her gowns so easy.  I ordered her Mia gown and it was so quick and easy to add sleeves to my order as I was wanting an option for colder Colorado winter weather.  The options are endless!  Each gown that arrives from Miss Madison is just as well made and gorgeous as the last.  And a little bonus is how good the box smells when you open it!  She adds a little extra touch when she finishes your order and I love how good her gowns smell and look fresh out of the box!

I am so excited to see what new designs she has in the works for spring and summer seasons and am so looking forward to continuing building my client closet with Miss Madison.  If you are in the market for a gown for a special occasion, look her up!  I cannot recommend her enough.  And I love that I am also supporting a strong #bossbabe to boot! Thank you Sunny and Miss Madison Photo Props for all that you do! Sarah; photographer with Seen & Hurd Photography (Denver, CO)

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